CALLA blown glass Made in Italy

MICROSPHERES in glass: the wine, sliding

through them, oxygenates the wine

COLORED SPHERES with lock function

inomicrosphere, both of oxygenation

"DRYER" GLASS, to store the calla once used

Andrea Grignaffini, one of the most important journalists, wine and food critics, defines it as "a new, simple, intelligent, functional, versatile decanter that plays down the ritual of decanting and makes it smart, fast, intuitive, not only for beginners but also and above all for cosmopolitan collectors, in need of precision and of something ready to use".

"But what does it do and what wines can benefit from this new system?"

The international patent behind Decanterino Pop resolves and satisfies not only the sense of smell and taste but also the aesthetic one. Object of fine design, it can appear in any type of environment to use in any occasion, to the most refined and sophisticated ones. 

Wine or spirits that is Decanterino Pop can be used any time and in anywhere.




A pleasure for drinking, everything, immediately and everywhere.


It is signed by the architect Carlo Benati, creator of Wine Design, the parent company of the Decanterino POP.

How does it work:

watch the video

Usage and cleaning in 5 simple steps:


1. Place one of the two colored spheres (red or green) in the calla.


2. Pour all the microspheres into the calla.


3. Place the calla on the wine glass.


4.Pour the wine into the calla until it's all in the glass.


5. Move the empty calla on the tumbler glass and pour sparkling water to clean the spheres.

Features & benefits:

What's inclueded:

  • International patent

    A patent that declares how the oxygenation of wine occurs in a few minutes, thanks to the microspheres system.

  • Made in Italy

    Made in Italy glass items, for a unique, simple and functional design, light and always available, portable.

  • Easy to wash

    Easy to wash, just pour sparkling water. Follow the tutorial . A few moments and you can reuse your decanter for a new wine.

  • Functional design

    The problem of serving by the glass is also solved. Decant a single glass of wine? Now you can! In addition, it holds residues between the spheres.

Calla with microspheres

Calla with microspheres

support glass

support glass

2 spheres ( red & green )

2 spheres ( red & green )

Use manual

Use manual

Wood pack

Wood pack


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