The great advantage of this object with a unique design, Made in Italy, lies in its ability to solve an atavistic problem: the oxygenation of fine wine . In fact, in a normal situation, an important wine should decant for a long time in a special container, before it can be considered properly oxygenated and therefore be able to appreciate its aromas and aromas. Decanterino , thanks to a patented system of ino-microspheres in glass where the wine is filtered, reduces waiting times for tasting to a few minutes. It is also able to retain any fixed residue, where present.

    Decanterino Cult was born from the will of the architect Carlo Benati of Wine Design, a company dedicated to the study of innovative solutions applied to the field of tasting.

    CALLA - Exclusive Murano glass
    blown and handmade

    MICROSPHERES - to increase the contact surface with wine

    COLORED SPHERE to block the inomicrosphere and for the correct oxygenation of the wine

    DECANTER - Exclusive Murano glass
    blown and handmade

    How does it work:

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    What's included:

    One decanter

    One decanter

    One "calla"

    One "calla"

    One box with microspheres

    One box with microspheres

    three spheres

    three spheres

    Instructions for use and maintenance

    Instructions for use and maintenance

    Wood pack

    Wood pack

    Features and Benefits:

    • International patent

      A patent that declares how the oxygenation of wine occurs in a few minutes, thanks to the microspheres system.

    • Hand-made in Murano

      An art object in blown glass and worked by master glassmakers of Murano, with a unique design, for a quality 100% Hand-made in Italy.

    • Limited production

      An exclusive and numbered object, produced in limited series .

      Intended for special occasions, it celebrates them making them unique.

    • Emotional design

      The design refers to the concepts of nature and time. It looks like a flower and at the same time an hourglass


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