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Mantovani and his thoughts on spheres

Alessandro Mantonvani, professional sommelier of the Piccolo Lago restaurant, two Michelin stars, has tested and released his personal opinion on the Decanterino .

"Speaking of the patent of the architect Carlo Benati, which provides for the use of glass spheres for the oxygenation of wine, in my case the Decanterino, we open a discussion on the breathing and oxygenation of the wine itself, because, in my opinion and for today, when we go to use one of the countless decanters available, the action we are going to produce is a sliding or superficial flow of the liquid on its wall in order to obtain a greater contact surface with oxygen, which is possible 'reproduce more easily and a little at a time with the use of a large glass.

So what function are we looking for when we use a normal decanter? to be able to open an "old" wine?

The problem is not solved once paid, you still have to wait and nobody knows exactly how much; therefore it is necessary to monitor it otherwise there is a risk of flattening it forever as the aromas are volatile, not perennial.

To remove the sediments? I prefer filters because if the sediment enters the decanter it is incorporated into the wine and with it it will be poured because there is no time to wait for the real settling of the solids on the bottom.

Here then is that the "microspheres system" is not another decanter, but a totally new approach to the subsequent phase of opening the bottle which is in fact a trauma for the wine contained. the latter in fact, mature and refined, briefly passes from a phase of hypoxia to one of hyper-oxygenation.

The path through the microspheres will welcome him and stimulate him to wake up, crossing them will also leave behind him the defects due to a long closure, and then follow what is in effect a cold distillation, separating him from some of his negative parts that only time and a long wait for the right moment would heal.

But the revolutionary aspect in my opinion is that the waiting moments for a wine ready to drink are greatly reduced, in my case a great added value in the service.

Finally I would like to share an image that comes to mind every time I use the decanter in action ... when I see the wine slowly making its way through the spheres I cannot help but see the roots of the vine that sink into the soil in search of the mother rock and of life. "

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